First Moving Figure Arrives at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Kickboxed Rico Verhoeven has unveiled a figure of himself at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam. 

Far from being a standard wax figure, this is the attraction's first moving robot figure, making Madame Tussauds Amsterdam the first Madame Tussauds location in Europe to introduce a figure featuring this technology. 

Innovation Technology
Instead of wax, Rico Verhoeven's figure is created using silicon/ The silicon skin technique and the likeness of the figure are just as accurate as other figures made of wax. A construction of movable mechanisms under the silicon skin allows the figure the move. The facial recognition cameras mounted in the eyes of the figure allow 'Robot Rico' to track visitors' faces. Rico's head and eyes follow visitors as they walk around him and the figure responds to individual visitors, rather than being pre-programmed, making it appear truly lifelike. 

Rico Verhoeven
Rico Verhoeven (born 1989) is the GLORY Heavyweight World Champion Kickboxing. Rico was born and bred in the Netherlands, and started the sport aged just 7. He soon proved to be a natural talent and first entered the ring competitively at the age of 16, going on the fight against some of the world's best fighters through the years. Rico Verhoeven was crowned the GLORY Heavyweight World Champion Kickboxing in 2013 and has retained the title ever since, earning him the nickname 'The King of Kickboxing'. 

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